Sustainability goals for Relocate IT

We work for sustainable solutions & partnerships

We commit to the following three UN SDG´s:

5) Gender Equality; 8) Decent work & economic growth; 17) Partnerships for the goals.

When you collaborate with us, you are naturally aiming for sustainable solutions through our processes.

We create a diversified pool of candidates from EU, aiming at decent work for the candidates & economic growth for the companies, the employee and EU.

As a result, our partnership is working for the SDG goals.


Gender equality

A more diversified field, leads to a more diversified pool of candidates. We will search for best qualified candidates, no matter the gender.

Women are underrepresented in the IT sector (in Denmark). Though there shouldn´t be any reason for that. Many companies are trying to find a way, to come around that issue, as there is a focus on gender equality.

Nevertheless in the Spanish market, we find a broader representation of recently educated female IT candidates (nearly 50/50).

When hiring a Spanish female candidate, you are giving her the opportunity to advance in a highly competitive market, whilst creating a more diversified workforce.


Decent work

“Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards.” 

We believe that aiming for economic growth, means decent work for all.

When maintaining the employees well, ensuring good working conditions, you are investing in the future of the company, and the ability to grow.

When hiring candidates in EU they will learn the good standards in your company, which may form their requirements for any future job. In this way create a demand for decent work and living standards, now and in the future.

Decent work also means that you will have a decent payment, that gives you a certain living standard, where you work and live. There is no way, that we will support the “working poor” strategy.


Partnerships for the goals

The SDGs can only be realized with strong global partnerships and cooperation.”

When you collaborate with us, working for the principles #5 & #8, #17, you will naturally form the path of a better tomorrow in EU, due to this partnership.

The shared working force within EU shouldn’t be a threat for the national economic models, nor risk for social dumping and abuse of the working force, etc.

By ensuring partnerships for the goals there is a path for a win-win for all, sustaining the free movement of the EU citizens and economic growth in EU.

We do this by taking responsibility for sustainable and decent work for all, economic growth, and gender equality.