Do you need qualified IT candidates?

Let us bring your qualified candidate from EU

candidate pool

Are you looking for qualified IT profiles?

Have you experienced, that hiring the required candidates from the Danish field, can be quite challenging?

We offer you:

  • Recruitment & advertising
  • Search & selection
  • Safe relocation & onboarding

New perspectives

We can offer you a range of qualified IT candidates, as we search in a greater field of profiles in EU.

We collaborate closely with you, to get to know your company and your needs, before we search your candidates.

As a result, you are likely have a list of motivated candidates, from which to pick the best match for you.

Our solution is based on win-win-win situations.

Want to know more?

Welcoming your new employee

We are offering you our special service and expertise.

We want you to suceed in having your required candidates on board.

That´s why we break down borders, searching & screening your match from other EU countries.

We are assisting you in a safe relocation, that integrates your new employee well in Denmark, and creates a great start at your company from day 1.

Once the candidate is hired, you will have the possibility to get an extra service concerning the onboarding & relocation of your new employee.

Securing a great start in your collaboration.

Search & Hire in 3 steps


1. Searching & screening your candidate pool

Based on your needs, we will screen and select candidates in EU, that are matching your needs.

We will introduce you to qualified candidates, that are motivated for moving to Copenhagen, and work for you.

We make it possible for you to meet these candidates in online meetings, preparing you with the relevant information.

You may choose to send these candidates a technical test/case to validate their technical skills.

2. Meeting your candidate face to face

Congratulations, you have found your ideal match.

The time is up for meeting the person face to face.

Don´t worry, we will assist you in bringing the candidate to Copenhagen, for a meeting with you at your location.


3. Hire & Relocation

Once your new employee is hired, we will support you with having your candidate relocated to Copenhagen.

Also offering you and your new employee a contact person helping with a safe start-up, once relocated in Denmark.