Are you the IT candidate, that we are searching for?

One step, that moves your career

Are you motivated for new challenges and a new path?

Are you excited about knowing new places, and having a worklife where your contribution is validated?

Coming to Copenhagen could probably be your best opportunity to get exactly that.

Curious to know more?

Read on . . .

We work with a variety of danish SW companies, that needs IT profiles, ranging from back end developers, UX designs and front development.

Once we know the details about your skills, we will be able to search for the best match.

We would love to have you on board, to create a win-win.

All you have to do now, is to get in touch with us.


What´s in it for you?

Why are we searching for IT candidates in EU?

We are looking for highly skilled IT profiles in EU, that are motivated for taking their work-life to new levels, going abroad, contributing to the companies they work for in Denmark.

Yet we know, and validate, that the companies in Denmark take care of their employees too. Which is somewhat a guarantee for you.

We believe that a motivated and good employee, is the one that is taken good care of – both company and employee are contributors.

We collaborate with companies that gives you great working conditions. like spacious offices, delicious lunch at the canteen in the office, fair pay, pension, and much more.

We want to create win-win situations, and benefits from the EU market, whilst working for the UN Sustainabality Goals.

By collaborating with us, to get the right job for you in Denmark, you may gain the following experiences:

✔️ Cross-cultural experiences abroad.
✔️ Great working environments and standards.
✔️ Benefitting from the same rights as your colleagues.
✔️ Secure contract and salary.
✔️ A stronger Curriculum.
✔️ Developed IT skills.
✔️ An enhanced social life.
✔️ Better language skills.

✔️ The posibility for an onbording service.

Would you like to know more?


This is the dock of Copenhagen


This is Copenhagen

What we are searching for

This is you:

We are looking for a wide variation of IT profiles, as we collaborate with several SW companies in Denmark (Copenhagen area).

You are motivated in what it would be like to work and live abroad for a while, whilst getting to know other cultures and people, expanding your network and skills.


Does some of these following statements sounds like you?

✔️ Experienced Back End developer.

✔️ Experienced in UX designs and development.

✔️ You love what you do (programming), and you are motivated by learning more whilst you are working.

✔️ Enjoy work & collaboration with great colleagues.

✔️ Good English skills (e.g. from work/studies).

✔️ Openminded and curious.

✔️ You are probably looking for new challenges.

✔️ Anything else? Please let us know.


We would love to have you coming to Denmark, where your IT skills are demanded. We can also offer you the scandinavian worklife experience:

✔️ Are you dreaming of a world-class work-life balance?
✔️ Looking for opportunities in developing your skills.
✔️ Like to work in a flat culture, where you are heard.

We would you like to know you.

When you reach out for us, we fill find the company that matches your IT skills in detail.

Nice to meet you!

Hello I am Camilla, I am the International Recruitment Manager.

Searching for qualified IT profiles in Spain.

I will also be your contact, when you reach out for us.

I have been living and working in Spain for several years, and in international companies, which makes Spanish and English a “natural” part of my business language.

Being kind and openminded are other personal skills, that you will encounter, when I am meeting you.

A part from that, I´d love to give you a personal service and help you the most to get abroad, onboarded and allocated in Copenhagen.

Living in Copenhagen

Meet the danes Camilla & Kamilla


Just another day in Copenhagen:

with tribute to Visit Copenhagen

Camilla designs the city

with tribute to Visit Copenhagen