Relocate IT

Looking for qualified IT candidates or a new job?

Relocate IT covers your back,  in the searching and recruiting of highly talented IT candidates.

To meet your demand, we´re pitching candidates in Denmark and EU.

Securing the safe onboarding of the hired candidate.


– What´s more in it for you?

Companies Candidates

Save your efforts & time

Relocate IT bridges qualified + motivaed IT profiles in EU with companies in Denmark (Copenhagen area).

Our core goal is to create win-win-win solutions, which benefits companies and candidates.


We do this, by:

  • Getting the best possible match between the companies and candidates.
  • Handle the recruitment process from A-Z, including local advertizement based on your company needs.
  • Creating a safe relocation and onboarding, including social network for the newbie in Denmark.
  • Building new career opportunities for IT profiles in Denmark.

On top, our partnership will be benefitting from the EU collaboration, and work for social responsible and sustainable solutions.

We would love to collaborate with you, to achieve these goals.

Company: New perspectives

A qualified screening process

We search the Spanish talents in EU, to get the best candidates for you. Expanding the potential of qualified IT developers to join your company.

We´ll bring you motivated qualified IT developers

=>  Bridging your needs,
with the benefits that are in the EU market.

=> Prepare the candidate to meeting you, for sucessfull interviews and onboarding.

+ Assisting you by relocating your IT candidate well in Copenhagen, including a social circle.

+ You will safe your time to focus on your core business, whilst we are searching the IT developers that you need.

First step is to initiate the dialogue with you.

We are a group of seriously kind and professional recruiters, always working for your best IT match.

Candidates: What’s in it for you

Take your life to a new level

If you are looking for new adventures and challenges in your career, working abroad in Copenhagen, living the scandinavian culture, would be a great opportunity for you.

You are supported all the way:

=> Initial screening in Spanish

=> Connecting you with your employer

=> Preparing you for meeting the employer

=> Helping you in getting relocated in Copenhagen.

Going abroad to Copenhagen, offers you a new range of experiences. Apart of simply strengthen your curriculum, IT skills, language skills and cultural knowledge.

You will experience good working conditions with secure contracts, employee maintenance,  reasonable payments and work-life balance.

Collaborations for good

We go for win-win-win situations!


Bridging the IT gap in combining the companies´ needs with the candidates´ competencies.

Searching in a new field of potential candidates, we can introduce a greater variety of motivated and qualified candidates, to satisfy our customers.

The candidates will experience new opportunities in their career & worklife, benefitting from all the lessons it brings.


On top, we are seriously kind and professional recruiters.

Working seriously through the recruiting process, searching for best match solutions, kindly meeting our customers and candidates needs.


All you will have to do is reaching out, to let us become your partner in the recruiting process.

– with the opportunity for onboarding service and advice!


Want to know more?

Local search & recruitment

Due to a specific knowledge about the market, we can reinforce the recruitment procedure

We offer our customers a local search, advertisement and recruitement, to match the IT profile needed.

The relevant candidates are screened and qualified by us, before being introduced to our customers.

Once hired, we prepare the onboarding process and supports the IT candidate in being relocated.

Our Guarantee


You will meet a professional & experienced recruitment team.

We have 2 decades of experience in recruiting IT candidates.

Several years of cross cultural knowledge and experience.

We speak danish, english and spanish.

Sustainability goals

Through our partnerships, we commit to the UN SDG´s:

#5: Gender equality

#8: Decent work & Economic growth

#17 Partnership for the goals.

Our mission is to create candidate matches in EU, and benefit from the EU market in a responsible matter.